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Travel Hoi An 2 days and 1 night for only $100/person. Why not? With unique historical architecture, diverse cultural styles and peaceful atmosphere, Hoi An possesses a beauty rich in tradition and history. If you don’t have much time, try experiencing the 2 days 1 night Hoi An tour guide itinerary below to explore the interesting things this city has to offer.

Cost to go to Hoi An: $100/person

Hoi An tour 2 days 1 night, departing from the Old Town Center.

hoi an tour guide

Period For Hoi An Tour Guide

Hoi An is an ancient city located on the banks of the Thu Bon River, on the south central coast of Vietnam. With a tropical climate, the rainy season is from October to December, the rains are heavy and do not last too long, so don’t worry about it affecting your trip to discover Hoi An.

hoi an tour guide

Accommodation For Hoi An Tour Guide

About 2km southeast of the old town center. Alsahar Villa is a cool oasis with a high sky, bright orange-yellow sand mixed with fresh green.

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hoi an tour guide

Staying at Alsahar Villa Hoi An, you will not only enjoy the peaceful space of the riverside house, but also treat your body, dispel fatigue with the jacuzzi hydromassage pool and soak in the waterfall pool. Green and fresh areca garden for only 425,000 VND/person.

Check availability at Alsahar Hoi An

Transport For Hoi An Tour Guide

From Alsahar Villa, you can travel by many means to get to the old town center such as tram, taxi, grab, motorbike, bicycle…etc.


Because the streets of Hoi An are quite small, motorbikes are an easy way to get to many locations as well as move on the streets when traveling to Hoi An. At the villa there are also free bicycles for you or you can rent a motorbike here for 120,000 VND/bike. The cost per person is only 60,000 VND/day.

Detailed Schedule For Hoi An Tour Guide

Day 1:


7AM: From Hoi An center, your Hoi An travel guide starts by booking a Taxi or Grab to Alsahar Hoi An, check in and check in.

8AM: Move through 7 Mau Coconut Forest. By motorbike, you travel from the villa through the coconut garden about 3km.

hoi an tour guide

Here, you will be taken by fishermen into the water forest on a basket boat to enjoy the feeling of relaxation and peace while following the river road with coconut trees on both sides of the road. You will feel like living in the space of Southwestern region.

hoi an tour guide

You will feel extremely interested in the simple, rural gifts from the boatmen. The basket boat tour here is 150,000 VND/2 people/1 basket.

11AM: Noon, enjoy a traditional lunch at a restaurant along the Cam Nam river. Cao Lau and Quang noodles are two famous dishes when traveling to Hoi An that you cannot miss.

hoi an tour guide

Here there are also many other specialties of Hoi An such as: dam cake, stir-fried mussels, corn sweet soup…etc. With reasonable prices from only 25,000-35,000 VND per portion.

Enjoy the unique flavors and immerse yourself in the peaceful space of the Hoai River. After eating, go back to the villa to take a lunch break to regain your strength.

hoi an tour guide

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3PM: You move to the Roving Chill House Coffee shop. In this Hoi An tour guide, we recommend this coffee shop to you. This is a cafe located in the middle of rice fields, so guests will have the opportunity to admire the countryside while enjoying delicious dishes.

hoi an tour guide

The restaurant’s design is rustic, close to nature, has both indoor and outdoor grounds, and many beautiful corners to check-in.

Thanks to the unique location, the scenery around the restaurant also changes with the seasons, when the rice is green and in the golden season or during the harvest season there are still bare stubble. The menu is rich and has a variety of food sets. Prices range from 30,000 to 100,000 VND/dish

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5PM: Swimming at An Bang beach. As a new beach that has recently been invested and developed for travel Hoi An, An Bang beach is still very wild and rustic.

The sea water is as pure as a clear blue jade. Unlike the hustle and bustle of other beach resorts. An Bang Beach Hoi An brings a sense of relaxation from its simplicity.

Along the beach there are many restaurants. You can also have dinner here. Although Hoi An is a famous tourist destination, the prices here are not too expensive compared to some other places.

8PM: When night comes, your Hoi An travel guide will be greater if you experience the romantic atmosphere of Hoi An and take a boat to float flower lanterns on the Hoai River. A boat trip on the river will give you a panoramic view of the ancient city and Hoi An’s nightlife. In particular, you can participate in the evening boat performance to enjoy the traditional culture of the local people.

hoi an tour guide

Currently, the price for going on a lantern boat has been listed by Hoi An City at 150,000 VND/1 boat/2-3 people. So please rest assured.

Small streets at night will be decorated with thousands of colorful lanterns. Take a walk along the riverbank and enjoy street art performances, melodious music from music shops and try your luck at the traditional card hut shop.

Day 2: 

7AM: From the villa, you can travel Hoi An by bicycle to the old town on a shady road. This will give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful natural beauty and experience the peaceful life of the local people.

hoi an tour guide

Check in the bougainvillea trellises on Tran Phu street with the morning sunlight from the sun will make your photos more beautiful.

9AM: You return to the villa to enjoy breakfast and morning coffee included in room service at Alsahar Villa Hoi An.

hoi an tour guide

9:30 AM: Visit VinWonders Nam Hoi An tourist area. Ticket prices here range from 600,000 VND/person. Especially, if you are a local resident with household registration in Quang Nam – Da Nang, the ticket price is only 400,000 VND/person.

hoi an tour guide

VinWonders Nam Hoi An is the intersection and crystallization of exciting world-class entertainment activities with good traditional values. This place is built according to a unique model, not only as an attractive entertainment and entertainment venue but also as a combination of unique traditional architectural, cultural and artistic experiences of Vietnam and the World.

VinWonders Nam Hoi An is considered by many tourists to be a destination not to be missed when traveling to Quang Nam – Da Nang.

4PM: Return to the Villa to rest and shower. Here, you can soak in the Jacuzzi pool to help relieve fatigue with hydromassage. The space at Alsahar villa has many corners for you to comfortably take photos and check in virtually.

hoi an tour guide

5:30 PM: You move into the old town to have dinner.

7 PM: End of 2 days 1 night trip to Hoi An.

Experiencing a Hoi An travel guide for 2 days and 1 night is only a small part of what this city has to offer. Hoi An will make you fascinated with its ancient beauty, special cuisine and peaceful atmosphere. Take your time to explore and enjoy all the wonderful things you can do next time you visit Hoi An.

Day 1:

Electric bus from Hoi An center to Villa: 30,000 VND/person

Check-in at Alsahar Villa: 425,000 VND/person

Motorbike rental: 150,000 VND / motorbike / 2 people

7 Mau Coconut Forest: 1 basket / 150,000 VND/ 2 people

Lunch: 60,000 VND/person

Roving Chill House Coffee 50,000 VND/person

Dinner at An Bang beach: 200,000 VND/person

Day 2:

Tickets to visit VinWonders Nam Hoi An: 600,000 VND/person.

Lunch at restaurants in VinWonders tourist area: 100,000 VND/person.

Dinner at pubs and restaurants in Hoi An: 200,000 VND/person.

Total Cost for 2 Days 1 Night Trip ~ 2,000,000 VND/person. The above costs will help you know some information when experiencing Hoi An tourism for 2 days and 1 night. Take your time to explore and enjoy all the wonderful things you can do next time you visit Hoi An.

Contact information:

Website: https://alsaharhoian.com/

Fanpage: Alsahar Hội An

Tel: 0905 519 971

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