Family Apartment With 2 Separate Bedrooms

Villa Nguyên căn
Alsahar Family Studio Connecting Room - En
Alsahar Family Studio Connecting Room - En

Family Appartment

As one of the largest studio apartments in Hoi An (65m2), Family studio connecting room is the perfect choice for groups of friends or families in Hoi An. Family studio connecting room consists of 2 separate rooms and 2 separate bathrooms. The private spaces are connected by a mini-kitchen and a shared living room. Super spacious balcony area for your family to relax and enjoy the best space in Hoi An.

Accompanied amenities::

🔸Supper largest Family Room in Hoi An (65m2).
🔸Breakfast included in the price
🔸2 privates bathroom with each room.
🔸Jacuzzi Pool
🔸Free bicycle to travel aground Hoi An
🔸Free WiFi
🔸Smart house control, entrance with passcode.

🔸 Flat-screen TV
🔸Streaming service (Netflix)
🔸Air conditioner + Fan
🔸Inner courtyard view
🔸Balcony with outdoor furniture
🔸Fully amenities

Fully Exprience travel with Alsahar Villa Hoi An

1️⃣ We bring the combination of Moroccan architecture and ancient features in Vietnamese house designs, artistically shaped doorways in the space of a green garden. Alsahar makes visitors impressed by the unique architectural style in Hoi An.

2️⃣ The peaceful space of the riverside villa combines with the Maroccan gate style separating from the outside area. Everything in this moment seems a bit slowlier, a bit quieter to enjoy the wonderful feelings of life. 

3️⃣ Rooms are fully equipped with a private bathroom, all needed-facilities and amenities. Every room has a nice pool view. The vibrant decoration at every corner of the villa and the relaxed atmosphere with picturesque scenery will make you excited throughout your vacation.


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