Alsahar Accommodation Polic

Cancellation Policy - Stay Declare Information - Information - Stay Rules at Alsahar Hoi An

Check-in / check-out

Checkin: 14h30 – Checkout: before 11:30.

Early arrival or late departure requests will be applied additional fee.

Present your passport or ID card for check-in and temporary residence registration. For foreign guests: present valid passport and visa.

Before leaving the Villa/apartment, please pay all bills and return the room key to the Housekeeper.

Guest Consent Agreement

Guests staying in the correct number as agreed and booking confirmation.

  • Double room: Maximum 2 adults + 1 child
  • Family Room: Maximum 4 adults + 2 children

*Children under 6 years old confirmed by birth certificate.

In case the guest wants to stay in excess of the specified number of guests, please contact the housekeeper in advance to prepare accommodation conditions. The arising guest must present their own ID card.

Additional fees: 200,000/adult and 100,000/child.

Deposit of 1,000,000/booking upon check-in in the form of booking the entire private villa. (The deposit will be refunded after checkout if no other costs are incurred).

Property Conservancy Agreement

  • Please follow the instructions of the staff on how to use and maintain the equipment in the villa.
  • If the property is lost or damaged, 150% of the current value must be compensated.
  • Villa staff are not allowed to ask guests to pay any expenses without the permission of the manager.

Therefore, please contact the management to protect your self-interests.

Cancellation Policy

  • Retail bookings are refunded 7 days prior to booking.
  • Free rescheduling when changing booking schedule within 7 days at check-in.
  • Free name change for guests staying within 3 days upon checkin.
  • Not applicable for Public Holidays – Tet and whole unit reservation.

Residency Agreement

  • Don’t bring weapons, poisons or explosives into the villa.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Unlawful acts and consumption of illegal substances are prohibited. Police authorities will be immediately informed of any offenders.
  • Please cook in the kitchen area (Apply for booking the entire private villa or having separate cooking requirements). Smoking is not allowed inside the villa.
  • Please lock the main doors, and balcony doors and turn off the lights when going out of the room.
  • Please inform the management staff when your room key is lost or stolen.
  • Please take care of your personal belongings and valuables.
  • Do not invite additional guests to the villa after 10 PM.
  • Do not use speaker after 9 PM. Do not bring high-powered speakers into the Villa. (A fine of 500,000/violation).
  • All cooking activities in general areas including the swimming pool, garden, terrace, living room, kitchen and lobby area must be cleaned and returned to the villa before 10AM of the following day. Villa will support cleaning after 10am and an additional fee of 50,000/actual guest.

* Customers will take full responsibility before the law if you violate above terms, cause consequences or damage while staying at Villa.

For more information: 090 506 3289 (Ms. Tam) – 0905 519 971 (Mr. Vu)

*Villa has the right to terminate the room rental with guests who do not comply with the above rules.