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Discover the Top 10 beautiful Hoi An villas. Enjoy the quiet space and unique architecture of these luxurious Hoi An villas. Below is a list of the top most beautiful villas in Hoi An, where you can enjoy an enjoyable and special vacation.

1. Alsahar Hoi An Villa 

About 2km southeast of Hoi An ancient town, with a modern and luxurious Moroccan design style, Alsahar Hoi An Villa will bring a wonderful experience with many diverse services, amenities and services level.

hoi an villa

The Villa has up to 7 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, Jacuzzi massage pool, BBQ rib yard… Not only that, each room also has a large and airy balcony, suitable for couples and families.

The fresh garden filled with flowers of Alsahar Hoi An Villa is a special highlight of this place. You will feel like you are lost in a tropical oasis with trees, flowers, landscapes and rocks arranged harmoniously and delicately.

hoi an villa

There are also villas for rent with 3 bedrooms (maximum 14 adults + 7 children). The kitchen is designed separately with full utensils, bowls and chopsticks and a stove.

hoi an villa

Villa is also only 5 minutes away from the market. You can go to the market to buy fresh seafood to cook and the whole family can gather and chat together. The spacious garden space is a huge plus for cozy BBQ parties.

hoi an villa

In particular, Alsahar Villa is having a promotion program when you stay here for a long time and Voucher up to 500,000 VND when you rent an entire villa Hoi An. Hurry and book Alsahar villa now to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

  • Price: 850,000 VND/night/Deluxe room
  • Address: 77/5 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Cam Chau, Hoi An

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2. The Naman Villa Hoi An

The Naman Villa Hoi An is located between Hoi An Ancient Town and An Bang Beach. Covering the villa is a space filled with cool green. You can see that this place is filled with dense green trees and vines.

hoi an villa

Visitors will definitely have a relaxing vacation in the fresh air. Comes with many attractive amenities such as breakfast, swimming pool, bicycle rental, wifi, ..

  • Price: 630,000 VND/night
  • Address: 19-21-23 Hai Thuong Lan Ong, Cam Son, Hoi An

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3. December Villa Hoi An

December Villa Hoi An is located at 99 Pham Van Dong, Tan An, Hoi An. This is a prime location that is very convenient during your travels because the hotel is very close to Hoi An ancient town, Chua Cau, Hoi An night market,…

hoi an villa

This Villa has a private swimming pool, green garden and comfortable bedrooms. You can enjoy the quiet space and enjoy the comfort here.

hoi an villa

  • Price: 600,000 VND/night
  • Address: 99 Pham Van Dong, Tan An, Hoi An

4. The Hoi An Villa Orchid Garden Villas

Villa Orchid Garden Hoi An Villa located in a vast flower garden, is a true resort paradise. Villa is designed with a modern style and has a bright and spacious space. 

hoi an villa

Decorated with sophistication and has large spaces, a reception area and a private pool. You can enjoy the green space and absolutely relax here.


  • Price: 1,200,000 VND/night
  • Address: 32 Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Cam Chau, Hoi An

5. Villa De Campagne Hoi An Villa

Villa De Campagne is a Hoi An villa located near Cua Dai beach. Closeness, airiness and comfort are what you can feel as soon as you set foot here.

hoi an villa

The Villa De Campagne offers a bedroom system with 3 room types: Deluxe, Family Suite and De Campagne Suite. The rooms are designed and fully equipped with equipment, creating an extremely comfortable feeling like being at home.

hoi an villa

  • Price: From 900,000 VND/night
  • Address: 270/2 Cua Dai, Cam Chau, Hoi An

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6. Chillax Old Town Hoi An Villa

Chillax old town villa hoi an is located right in the center of Hoi An ancient town. The Villa is designed to bring the breath of an ancient Hoi An with the main yellow color on the outside but mixed with modern touches with sophisticated and luxurious interior inside.

hoi an villa

This Villa has a private swimming pool, green garden and comfortable bedrooms. You can enjoy the quiet space and enjoy the comfort here.

hoi an villa

  • Price: from 650,000 VND/night
  • Address: 18 -22 Ngo Quyen, Hoi An, Quang Nam

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7. An Bang Beachfront Hoi An Villa 

With a beautiful location right next to An Bang beach, Villa An Bang Beachfront gives you a wonderful beach experience.

hoi an villa

Villa is designed with a modern style and has a bright and spacious space. You can enjoy beautiful sea views and stroll along the beach while staying here.

hoi an villa

  • Price: 950,000 VND/night
  • Address: 185 Nguyen Phan Vinh, Cam An, Hoi An

8. Mimi House Hoi An Villa 

Mimi House is designed in a modern style, in front is a spacious garden and an outdoor terrace. Mimi house is located in An My rice village and has its own vast field behind it. Each room is a cozy retro-style studio, in harmony with the surrounding nature.

hoi an villa

Because it is the only rice village in Hoi An, the House provides free bicycles for you to leisurely roam the fields in the afternoon, or meander through the alleys to check-in at some of the hot cafes in Hoi An.

hoi an villa

  • Price: 680,000 VND/night
  • Address: 18/3 Le Thanh Tong, My An, Hoi An

9. Little Beach Hoi An Villa 

Located near Cua Dai beach, Villa Little Beach is an ideal place to enjoy beautiful sea views. This Villa has modern architecture and comfortable bedrooms.

hoi an villa

This place brings customers classy experiences with high quality standards and excellent service. You can sunbathe on the beach, watch the sunset and immerse yourself in the peaceful space here.

hoi an villa

  • Price: 1,200,000 VND/night
  • Address: Tran Tan Moi, Cam An, Hoi An

10. Green Boutique Hoi An Villa

Green Boutique Villa is located in a green garden filled with trees, creating a space close to nature. You will comfortably relax without worrying about being disturbed by the sound of traffic, relax with a large and clear swimming pool right in the middle of the Villa, especially the walkway with lush green grass covering it.

hoi an villa

This Villa has beautiful architecture and comfortable bedrooms. You can enjoy the quiet space, relax in the garden and participate in outdoor activities here.

hoi an villa

  • Price from only 680,000 VND/night
  • Address: Thanh Nhut, Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An

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The above villas are great options to experience a unique vacation in Hoi An. With beautiful architecture, large space and convenient amenities, they will bring you a wonderful vacation experience and ensure you will find the perfect choice for your vacation in Hoi An.

Contact information:

Website: https://alsaharhoian.com/

Fanpage: Alsahar Hội An

Tel: 0905 519 971

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