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Let’s take a look at 10 Hoi An coffee that make young people crazy with their cool green space and delicious flavors. From Cafes with unique vintage designs that offer eco-friendly experiences to super hot check-in cafes. Below is a list of 10 we highly recommend.

1.Cocobox Cafe – List Of 10 Hoi An Coffee That Make The Young Crazy

With a vintage space and unique style mixed with a bit of modernity. Cocobox Cafe is one of the cafes in Hoi An that has an interesting place to enjoy coffee and sip with friends. 

Cocobox’s menu focuses on organic drinks and foods. You can enjoy organic coffee and fresh fruit juices. The restaurant also serves snacks and cakes made from organic ingredients. 

hoi an coffee

Cocobox also has an inside store with organic products such as fruits, vegetables and other products. This is an ideal location for those interested in healthy eating and protecting the environment. 

  • Address: 94 Le Loi – Hoi An

2. Ren Rua Cafe – List Of 10 Hoi An Coffee That Make The Young Crazy

Ren Rua Cafe is a beautiful small cafe located in the center of Hoi An ancient town. With a small green garden and outdoor space, this coffee shop Hoi An offers a peaceful and relaxing space amidst the bustling life of the old town. 

hoi an coffee

Green trees and plants create a fresh atmosphere and create a feeling of closeness to nature. This beautiful little cafe offers a cozy and quiet space, the perfect place to read a book or chat with friends.

  • Address: alley 144 Nguyen Truong To, Hoi An

3. Hoi An Roastery – List Of 10 Hoi An Coffee That Make The Young Crazy

With locally roasted coffee and a comfortable space, Hoi An Roastery is a famous Hoi An coffee shop that attracts a large number of customers. The shop is known for its high-quality coffee beans and exquisite coffee roasting process. 

Hoi An Roastery prides itself on sourcing high-quality Arabica coffee from different regions of Vietnam, providing a rich and enjoyable coffee experience. With the perfect combination of delicious flavor and cozy space, this is the ideal place to enjoy coffee in Hoi An.

hoi an coffee

In particular, this cafe also serves famous egg coffee. You can stop by and sip some special coffee flavor here when exploring Vietnam.

  • Address: 135 Tran Phu, Hoi An.

4. The Deck House An Bang Beach – List Of 10 Hoi An Coffee That Make The Young Crazy

With two main color tones of white and blue mixed with the color of the sea, with spacious space and beautiful sea views, this coffee shop Hoi An offers a unique and relaxing experience. You can sit outside and admire the cool blue beach or choose an indoor table with a comfortable space and the fresh taste of the sea breeze. 

hoi an coffee

This cafe is an ideal place for visitors to check-in and enjoy. Coffee with delicious drinks. The Deck House is a cafe in Hoi An that makes many tourists coming here never want to leave.

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5. The Espresso Station – List Of 10 Hoi An Coffee That Make The Young Crazy

With airy space and a diverse coffee menu, The Espresso Station is an address not to be missed for those who love coffee. This cafe is famous for its sophisticated and quality coffee making. 

  • Address: 28/2 Tran Hung Dao, Hoi An.

6. Roving Chill House –  List Of 10 Hoi An Coffee That Make The Young Crazy

If you like the scenery of vast rice fields and vast countryside scenery, this is the right place for you. Roving Chill House is a coffee shop Hoi An that is hot on the internet as more and more young people come here to check in and enjoy drinks here. 

hoi an coffee

The restaurant’s menu is diverse for you to choose and enjoy. For someone who loves new peace, this is definitely a place you cannot miss when coming to Hoi An.

7. Chic Chillax – List Of 10 Hoi An Coffee That Make The Young Crazy

It is also a vast space of rice fields. Combination of cafe and restaurant. Chic Chillax is a cafe in Hoi An that has been crazy among young people recently. This cafe has an open space with outdoor chairs and tables, as well as an interior space with many comfortable seating corners.

hoi an coffee

Many fun activities are organized here for children such as painting, buffalo riding to see exhibitions, etc., which will bring you wonderful and profound experiences.

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8. Reaching Out Cafe & Crafts – List Of 10 Hoi An Coffee That Make The Young Crazy

This is not only a cafe in Hoi An but also an arts and crafts store. This cafe has a quiet, elegant space. There are also tea and cakes for you to enjoy and sip. 

hoi an coffee

Coming here, you have the opportunity to shop for unique handmade products to give as gifts or decorate your home.

  • Address: 131 Tran Phu, Old Town, Hoi An, Quang Nam

9. 92 Station – List Of 10 Hoi An Coffee That Make The Young Crazy

Located on Tran Phu Street, 92 Station is a cafe in Hoi An with a small but bright space and beautiful decoration. You can enjoy delicious coffee and relax in a cozy space. Or look at Hoi An from above and take beautiful photos here.

hoi an coffee

10. Faifo Coffee – List Of 10 Hoi An Coffee That Make The Young Crazy

Faifo Coffee is a famous Hoi An coffee shop. Located in an old French house, this cafe offers a peaceful and luxurious space. The restaurant’s floors are designed with classic architecture, with delicate details and large windows overlooking the old town. 

hoi an coffee

You can sit outside and enjoy the old town atmosphere or choose a corner to sit inside to explore the beauty of ancient architecture. You can enjoy delicious coffee and watch Hoi An ancient town from the balcony.


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