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Hoi An’s beautiful coffee not only creates a style but also brings unique culinary experiences to visitors. In this article, I will introduce to you the top 5 Hoi An Coffee that you should not miss when visiting this city.

1. Cong Café –  A Hoi An Coffee Shop in the Ancient Town

This is one of the beautiful cafes in Hoi An, with a classic style, inspired by the subsidy period. The shop has a spacious, airy space, decorated with old items, such as computers, typewriters, cassette players…

hoi an coffee

Cong also has a lovely garden where you can sit and drink coffee and admire the flowers. Outstanding with unique architecture and diverse design styles. You can find Cong Coffee located in an old house, with architecture bearing the characteristics of this land.

hoi an coffee

The drinks at the shop are very diverse and delicious, from traditional coffee to smoothies, juices, tea… You can try a cup of egg coffee or iced coconut coffee, an avocado smoothie or a cup of pearl milk tea to feel the taste. typical flavor of the restaurant.

hoi an coffee

The coffee shop has a view of the Hoai River, allowing you to enjoy coffee in a peaceful space and immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape of the ancient city. Cong Coffee is a place you should stop by when traveling to Hoi An

hoi an coffee

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2. Mot Hoi An – Beautiful Hoi An Coffee Shop 2022

Mot Hoi An is a beautiful long-standing coffee shop, located in a four-level house at 150 Tran Phu. The shop has a rustic, classic design, with the main colors white and blue. Mot has a two-floor space, the ground floor is a normal sitting area, the second floor is a sitting area on a wooden floor. There is a view overlooking the old town, very suitable for taking photos.

hoi an coffee

Mot Hoi An Drink has main ingredients of lemon and lemongrass along with herbs such as licorice, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, lotus leaf, ginger, cinnamon stick and some other ingredients. Mot Hoi An has a sweet taste, helps clear heat, detoxify and improve health.

hoi an coffee

Mot is not only a place to enjoy a drink but also a part of the unique cultural experience of the ancient city of Hoi An.


3. Roving Chillhouse – The Most Beautiful and Hottest Coffee Shop Hoi An

This is a beautiful Hoi An coffee shop located in the middle of green rice fields, imbued with the hometown of Quang Nam. The shop has a peaceful, relaxing space, helping visitors “refresh their souls” after the chaos of work and study. Roving Chillhouse is a Hoi An coffee shop with simple, rustic architecture, in harmony with nature, using environmentally friendly materials such as wood, bamboo.

hoi an coffee

The shop has many different sitting areas, from sofas, wooden floors to indoor tables and chairs, outdoor open space, in the middle is a large pond, surrounded by rows of cool green trees. Roving Chillhouse has plenty of space for you to freely check in. You can choose a seat to your liking.

hoi an coffee

Roving Chillhouse is considered a beautiful cafe in Hoi An 2022. The shop also has many delicious and diverse drinks, from juices, tea, coffee to wine and cocktails. The shop also sells cakes and ice cream. It is a place you should visit once when you come to Hoi An.

hoi an coffee

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4. Reaching Out Teahouse – An Extremely Special Hoi An Coffee Shop of the Deaf

This is a beautiful cafe of the deaf in Hoi An, located at 131 Tran Phu. Reaching Out Tea House Hoi An is a quiet and beautiful cafe located in the center of Hoi An ancient town decorated with traditional Vietnamese items, such as lanterns, oil paintings…

hoi an coffee

The shop has many different types of tea, from Vietnamese tea, Japanese tea, Indian tea… You can order drinks by writing on paper or pointing to the menu. The shop also sells delicious cakes and candies..

The tea shop was established by Reaching Out Vietnam, a social organization with a vision of providing opportunities for people with disabilities to learn skills and have meaningful employment. At the tea shop, you will be served by staff who are hearing and speech impaired, but no less attentive and charming.


You will enjoy delicious teas, coffees, fruit juices and cookies, made from local ingredients and served in traditional Vietnamese style. You can also choose to try tea or coffee tasting sets, to discover the special flavor of each type.

The tea shop has an elegant and sophisticated space, with furniture made of wood and porcelain, all products of Reaching Out Vietnam. You will feel the peace and elegance in the atmosphere of the teahouse, where you can enjoy the beauty of silence.

The tea shop can accommodate about 40 guests, with a small garden, children’s playroom and polite chairs. You can make reservations in advance or take part in tea making or ceramics lessons at the shop.

5. Lo Gach Cu – A Daydream Coffee Shop Hoi An

This is a beautiful Hoi An coffee shop located on the outskirts of the city. Lo Gach Cu is an attractive tourist and check-in destination in Quang Nam, about 5km from Hoi An ancient town.

This is a Hoi An style cafe with an ancient architectural work, located in the middle of a green field, bringing beautiful and romantic frames. Hoi An’s old brick kiln was built during the French colonial period, but has been abandoned and degraded for many years. Recently, the brick kiln has been renovated and is open to visitors for free.

hoi an coffee

You can get here by motorbike or taxi, and cross a long winding bamboo bridge to reach the location of the brick kiln. You can walk up the successive steps to see the panoramic view of the fields and sky, or take pictures at the nostalgic archway at the foot of the brick kiln. In addition, you can also visit a nearby cafe for a drink and some fresh air.

 Hoi An’s old brick kiln is an ideal place for you to enjoy the peace and elegance of nature, and capture memorable moments.

hoi an coffee

It is one of the beautiful cafes in Hoi An that you can refer to when coming here. Hope you will have interesting and memorable experiences when coming to these cafes.


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